Lumen 100 LED Illuminator

Key features:

High light quality

Attaches directly to the microscope for highly efficient light transmission. 

Light intensity can be precisely controlled in 1% increments.

Wide range of wavelengths available

Excitation filters, combiners and dichroic filters available. 


LED advantages:

No mercury in the bulb

Low heat and vibration production

Long operational lifetime

All bulbs interchangeable with the control unit 




Providing advanced, high quality illumination for a range of fluorescent microscopy applications, the Lumen 100 can be combined with a wide range of microscopes. Excitation filters can be added to optimise the bandwidth, and a combiner and dichoric filters are also available. The system can be controlled via a control box, or by computer via USB. The Lumen 100 has been used for sperm analysis; an application overview is available here

  • Controllable via USB or via control box


  • 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 447nm, 460nm, 505nm, 525 nm, 590 nm, 625nm, 660nm and white light emitting LEDs available. 


  • Control box is 199mm x 107mm x 50 mm, LED is 68.5 mm x 50 mm, cable is 2 metres long.