Metal Halide Lamp illumination

Advanced Fluorescence Illumination

The Lumen200 range of fluorescence Illumination system are a powerful, cost effective alternative to standard 100 Watt mercury and halogen lamp houses. The combination of Prior's proprietary 2,000 hour life, 200 watt metal arc lamp and two or three meter liquid light guide provide unrivalled versatility and illumination power.

Spectrum of Lumen Versions

Powerful 200W Illumination
A 200W metal-halide lamp gives a similar spectral output to older mercury vapour lamps and a metal-halide lamp has over seven times longer lamp life.

Long Life Lamp
The metal-halide lamp is safe for use for up to 2000 hours depending on operational factors. Internal electronics monitor the number of hours used and warns the user, through both a visual and audible alarm, when a lamp replacement is necessary.

Easy Lamp Replacement
Unlike mercury vapour lamps the lamps used in the Lumen 200 system require no precision arc alignment for them to work optimally. The lamps are pre-centred, so exchanging lamps take less than one minute.

Flexible Liquid Light Guide
A highly efficient liquid light guide delivers full spectrum illumination from 350nm upwards. Couplers are available for all research microscopes.

Low Heat Transfer
By mounting the light source remotely from the microscope body the amount of heat transferred is significantly lower. This aids stability and helps reduce drift due to thermal expansion in long term time lapse experiments.

Optimised Spectra
The Lumen210 and Lumen220 offer extended spectral output, improving output at both the UV and red ends of the spectrum. All of the Lumen models are available with the extended spectra.

Optimised Spectra

Available options
Lumen 200 / 210 / 220
200W illumination with manual Intensity control. No software control available

Lumen 200s / 210s / 220s
200W illumination with integrated motorised 30msec shutter. Can be controlled from direct from the PC via USB,RS232 or TTL signals.

Lumen200Pro / 210Pro / 220Pro
200W illumination with integrated motorised shutter, attenuation control and 6 position filter wheel. Can be controlled through USB or RS232 via the ProScan controller.

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