NanoScanZ 200F

Key features:

  • Compatible with the Prior flat top stage
  • Nano metre level accuracy
  • Rapid response (step size 20 ms)

Designed especially for Prior’s flat top stage, the NanoScan 2005 allows the user to combine the versatility of the H101F upright stage with the precision provided by the NanoScanZ.


With 200 μm of travel, the Piezo stage offers positioning in the nanometre range, and its low profile design maximises objective clearances. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the NZF is compatible with Prior’s standard sample holders.


The NZF is controllable via RS232, USB or analog (0-10 v) control and is fully compatible with DIC techniques. For more information please see the NanoScan Z or the NanoScanZ

Specification                              Description

Range of motion                           200 μm

Repeatability                                1 nm

Step Response                             20 ms

Accuracy                                      0.2% of travel

Resonant Frequency                     350 Hz (±20%)

Inplane Tilt                                   30 μm rad (typical)

Operating Temperature                  5-50˚C

Body Material                               Anodized Aluminium

Stage Control Input Analog            (0-10 VDC), USB, RS232

Power Requirement                       0-240V AC

Output position signal                    0-10 V