NanoScanZ 400

Key features:

Compatible with ProScanTM III controllers and motorised stages 

Interchangeable sample holders and inserts allow analysis of a wide range of samples 

High Precision closed loop feedback

Driven by all software that supports objective collars

All size movements are complete in approximately 10 ms

LCD display clearly shows current position

RS232 and USB control


The NanoScanZ 400 offers fast and extremely accurate control over the Z axis. Fully compatible with the ProScanTM H117 range of stages from Prior Scientific, the NanoScanZ  series of focussing stages are ideally suited for DIC techniques, deconvolution, 3D reconstruction and confocal microsopy, particularly for applications involving live cells. Interchangeable sample holders increase the versatility of these stages. Incubators for the NanoScanZ 400 are available to allow high quality imaging of live cell cultures. 



Operating temperature: 5-50 degrees centigrade.

Body material: Adonised aluminium

Stage control input:  Analogue (0-10 volt DC)


                                 RS232 from ProScanTM  controller

Repeatability: 5 nm

Accuracy/Linearity: .5% of travel

Max. load: 500g

Resonant Frequency: 1KHz

Inplane tilt: 10 µrad (typical)

Output position signal: 0.0-10.0 Volt DC