OptiScan III Controller

Key features:

Offers fine control of a motorised stage and a focus motor

Compatible with most third party imaging software

Stage moves smoothly and with little vibration

Compatible with Prior's extensive range of sample holders

Small, compact design. 

The OptiScanTM III is the latest generation of the popular OptiScanTM series of controllers from Prior Scientific, and is ideal for simple, routine microscopy applications requiring precision and reliability. Offering fine control over the X, Y and (optionally) the Z axis, the system can be commanded either by a joystick or by computer, via RS232 or USB connection. The OptiScanTM III full system consists of a control box, a joystick, a stage (ES107 for inverted microscopes and ES111 for upright microscopes) and an optional focus motor.


Richard Weston uses the OptiScan III, along with the stage and focus motor, to help obtain the images he uses for his artwork

Power: Universal external power supply input 200-240V 50/60Mhz max 1.6A

Communication Protocol: 1 x USB 2 x RS232 (up to 115000 baud)

Axes: X Y and Z

Dimensions: 294 mm x 193 mm x 60 mm

Weight: 2.2 kg