Working From Home: A Greener Alternative?

The world is now coming out of a completely unprecedented landscape, and people are starting to recall what normality feels like. People would have faced many difficulties during this time including loss and job insecurity, and some may have used activities like online gambling to find some enjoyment during this period. There is no doubt […]

Businesses are trying to go green

Since the pandemic started many businesses had to close the doors due to lockdowns, this was great for the environment due to there being less people on the roads and travelling around. Companies are now looking to see what they can do to help with making things more eco-friendly. A lot of industries have started […]

How Photochemical Smog is Formed

Industrial and Photochemical Smog The advent of the industrial revolution led to an evident increase in the level of pollutants present in the atmosphere. Continuous burning of coal for energy and transportation produced excessive amounts of sulfur dioxide, a chemical compound responsible for the formation of acid rain. This compound, combined with smoke and fog, […]

A Look at Enantiomers and their role in Drugs and Perfumes

There is a strange, fairytale beauty to enantiomers, those evocative “mirror, mirror” molecules so nearly alike in appearance yet sometimes so dissimilar in significance: differences that reveal themselves in pharmacological activity, scent variation, and that fascinating ability to rotate a plane of polarized light in a certain direction. To study them is to bravely follow […]

Chemical Reactions of Alkanes

Because they are saturated compounds, the organic, hydrocarbon compounds, alkanes, tend to show very little reactivity. However, there are a few reactions that alkanes can and do undergo under specific conditions. These reactions include combustion, substitution and cracking. The reactions of alkanes are very important in everyday life. Combustion of Alkanes Combustion is the most […]

Properly Disposing of Chemical Containers

Containers used for storing and transporting chemical substances should be properly disposed of. Potentially hazardous chemicals are most commonly used in laboratory settings but can be used in domestic situations for cleaning. For example, hydrochloric acid is considered a hazardous chemical and is commonly used to clean mineral deposits in pools. Since these chemicals can […]

Nanotechnology and Interior Design Fabrics

The recent influx of nanotechnology information is prevalent in all areas of industry. From medicine to electronics to everyday items we all use, the nanotechnology science community is working hard to find ways to incorporate this into many products. Grasping the Concept Understanding this technology on a scientific level is very complex and complicated. Scientists […]